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RLI NEA Seminar - Dist 7170 - Owego, NY - Virtual Meet
March 6th 2021
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RLI NEA Seminar - Dist 7430 - Pottstown, PA - Virtual Meeting
March 13th 2021
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The Institute offers a leadership development program in three full day sessions (Parts I, II and III). The courses are designed to provide Rotary knowledge and to develop leadership skills for voluntary organizations. Some examples of course sessions include:

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  • A Look Outside the Club
  • Membership Orientation and Activation
  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Creating Service Projects
  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Vocational Service
  • Effective Committees
  • Membership Development
  • The Rotary Foundation
  • Analyzing a Rotary Club
  • The Object of Rotary
  • The District
  • International Service
  • Problems of Leadership
  • Creative Service
  • Written Communications
  • Motivating Rotarians and Effecting Change
View and download the schedule and specific outlines for each of the courses.
Graduate Study Subjects fare:
  • Motivating Rotarians
  • Why people volunteer
  • Council of Legislation

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