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RLI NEA Seminar - Dist 7120 - Rochester, NY
October 1st 2022
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RLI NEA Seminar - Dist 7255 - Melville, NY
October 8th 2022
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RLI NEA Seminar - Dist 7390 - Harrisburg, PA
October 22nd 2022
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RLI Honors Its Best for 2021-22

     After dinner at the Annual Meeting on Friday night, August 19th, members of the Executive Board of RLI NEA honored three special Rotarians for their outstanding work on behalf of our organization. 

     Current RLI NEA Chair PDG Gerald Gortner, along with Past RLI NEA Chairs PDG Frank Wargo and PDG Knut Johnsen presented the first award - the RLI NEA Appreciation Award -- to Immediate Past Chair Paul Muczynski. Paul Muczynski’s Rotary Service began in 1976 when he first joined the Rotary Club of Plains, PA.  He served as Club Secretary from 1976-1982, when he accepted a position in Saudi Arabia for the next 22 years.  Returning back home, Paul rejoined the Plains Club and served as its President from 2005-2007.  He was both an Assistant Governor and Foundation chair in his District, as well as the District Conference chair. Paul is a Benefactor, Major Donor, Level 5 Bequest Society, and a Paul Harris Society Member of the Rotary Foundation. In addition to leading Mid Northeast Multi-District PETS in 2012 as the General Chair, Paul has also served RI as a member of 2 Zone 32 Director Nominating Committees, 4 Zone 24 &32 Planning Committees and the 2013 Council on Legislation. Paul served for many years as a facilitator, then became a  Regional Vice Chair for RLI-NEA’s Southern Region. He served as Chair from 2018-2020. 

Norma Madayag-Reilly, who recently retired as a RLI Regional Vice-Chair, then presented the RLI NEA Award for Outstanding Facilitator to PDG Bill Gormont. Bill will be facilitating this year's Graduate Course on Strategic Planning and presented a preview of this to our Facilitators on Saturday morning. Bill 
served as District 7120 Governor in 2015-2016. He has been a Rotary Leadership Institute North East America Faculty Member since 2011. Bill also serves as the Zone 32 District International Service Chair (DISC) Facilitator as well as his district’s International Service Director and Strategic Planning Committee Chair. He is a representative on Rotary’s Council on Legislation and is a recurring keynote speaker and breakout session leader for Rotary International on Strategic Planning, Leadership Vision and International Service at PETS Trainings, District Conferences, Zone Institutes and Rotary International Conventions.

     PDG's Frank Wargo and Knut Johnsen also presented our final award of the evening -- the Yvette Palmer Award for Outstanding Service to RLI NEA -- to PDG Mike McCarthy. Since joining the Pottstown, PA, Club in 1997, Mike has served his Club and Rotary in a wide number of capacities ranging from the Club to District to Zone and RI levels.  He took RLI Level 1 as a District Governor Nominee in 2007 and has remained involved since as a facilitator, faculty recruiter and promoter.  He currently supports the Regional Vice-chairs working with the Districts in the NYC metro area, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Both PDG Frank and PDG Knut praised Mike's humility and steadfast diligence in working to make RLI sessions happen throughout the years he has served.