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RLI NEA Faculty Training/Refresher - Annual Meeting - Albany, NY
August 18th 2023
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RLI NEA Annual Meeting - August 18 & 19, 2023
Aug 18th - Aug 19th 2023
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RLI NEA Seminar - Dist 7410 - Scranton(Wilkes-Barre), PA
October 28th 2023
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Time to Nominate the best of the best for RLI's major awards

Rotary Leadership Institute North East America Awards Chair, PDG  Toni McAndrew invites you to submit nominations now for both the Outstanding Facilitator Award and the Yvette Palmer Award for Exceptional Service to RLI.  All nominations are due by June 30. 

The first award is the Outstanding Facilitator Award. We all know what a huge difference a great facilitator or discussion leader can make during the learning process. Everyone’s time is valuable so let’s recognize those outstanding facilitators who engage us and make learning a great experience.

Nomination criteria for the Faculty Member of the Year includes, but is not limited to:
  • Session preparedness and knowledge of said topics
  • Engaging all group participants whether on site or a video/Zoom presentation
  • Ability to cite and review additional topic resources
  • Being a team player—attending and contributing to faculty prep sessions, assisting where needed; having session flexibility
  • Demonstrating innovative techniques for learning and computer skills where applicable including camera readiness and virtual adaptability with breakout rooms
  • Receiving positive evaluations from class participants.
The second award is the Yvette M. Palmer Award for Exceptional Service to Rotary Leadership Institute. RLI NEA Officers, Site Chairs and Vice-Chairs are especially encouraged to submit nominations for this very special award. The criteria for this award includes:
  • Exceptional dedication to the RLI program
  • Long term involvement in one or many roles within the RLI program
  • Positive role model reflective of RLI values
When submitting your nomination for this award, please state how your nominee has gone above and beyond in being of service to RLI

Previous recipients of this award are:
  • Yvette M. Palmer
  • Frank Wargo
  • Ward Vuillemot
  • Greg Roche
  • Toni McAndrew
  • Ann Kleim
  • Jerry Gortner
  • Ed King
  • Tam Mustapha
  • Liz Cullen
  • and most recently, Mike McCarthy 
Please send your nominations by June 30, 2023 to Chair Toni McAndrew at 2715 Bethany Turnpike, Pleasant Mount, PA 18453, tonim@epix.net, 570-470-7028

Click below for the nominations forms: 
https://www.dacdb.com/Rotary/Accounts/780/Downloads/0/NOMINATION FORMS for RLI Awards 2023.docx


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Hundreds of Rotarians attended RLI sessions this Spring!

Rotarians throughout Northeast America attended Rotary Leadership Institutes this Spring -- both virtual and in-person.

Johnson City, Broome County, NY (near Binghamton), March 11
Bourne, MA at Upper Cape Tech on February 22
Bourne Graduates Part II: Cindy, Julie, Larry & Roby Graduate Course : Joyce, Gail & Adrienne 
Sharing together Part I - Scott, Mary, Jean Lunchtime sharing

DeSales University, Centre Valley, PA, D 74300, March 25th 
RLI Part III Graduates 

Marlboro,  MA on January 21, D 7910



Creating a service project...
(On the bottom left) : The full Graduate Class in order from left to right: Julie Thibodeau - Marlboro, Cindy Albert – Marlboro, RLINEA Chair, Jerry Gortner, Larry Cassese – Weymouth, Adrienne Beauman – Falmouth, Joyce Fukami – Southborough, Gail Ralston – Andover, Roby Whitehouse – Yarmouth, VC Liz Cullen, Site Chair, Beth Griffin.

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Save the Date for the RLI NEA Annual Meeting, August 18th and 19th, 2023

Albany Marriott Hotel

Albany, NY

...for RLI NEA Officers, Facilitators, Regional and Vice-Chairs, Site Chairs and District Governors

Watch your e-mail for more details!