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RLI NEA Seminar - Dist 7475 - West Orange, NJ - Virtual
April 17th 2021
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What is our Mission?

The mission of The Rotary Leadership Institute North East America is to provide an educational opportunity for Rotarians identified as potential leaders by their club presidents. Each club president is asked annually to nominate club members as potential club leaders (not necessarily future presidents) in the years ahead. Courses will be given for the nominees to foster Rotary knowledge and leadership skills. It is hoped that these courses will also motivate the participants to be enthusiastic, creative and dedicated Rotarians. Those attending the three course days for their full duration will receive recognition of completion. Course methods will reflect the most innovative and participatory methods possible. Methods will include discussion groups, role-playing, problem solving workshops, group planning exercises, etc. Lectures are limited.

What are the courses?

The Institute offers a leadership course in three full day parts (Parts I, II, III), plus a Graduate course for those who have completed all three of the previous parts. The courses are designed to provide Rotary knowledge and to develop leadership skills for voluntary organizations. Some examples of course sessions include, “A Look Outside the Club”, “Membership Orientation & Activation”, “Introduction to Leadership”, “Creating Service Projects”, Problem Solving Workshops”, “Vocational Service”, “Effective Committees”, “Membership Development”, “The Rotary Foundation”, “Analyzing a Rotary Club”, “The Object of Rotary”, “The District”, “International Service”, “Problems of Leadership”, “Creative Service”, “Written Communications:, “Motivating Rotarians & Effecting Change”.

When and where are the courses held?
Courses are held at various locations throughout the year to accommodate the Rotary clubs in the member districts. Any nominee may take a course in any location. All courses start with registration at 7:30am. Classes are from 8:00am to 3:30pm – breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks are included. Courses are listed on the RLI NEA website, where online registration is available.
What are the teaching methods?
The Institute believes in course sessions with as much discussion/participation as possible. Discussion breakout sessions are limited to approximately 10-15 persons. Lectures are strictly limited. Course methods include discussion groups, role-playing, problem solving workshops, creating projects and audiovisual presentations. Everyone participates during one of the Institute’s sessions. A course workbook containing an Institute Manual, session program agendas, faculty biographies, and course outlines and materials, is provided to each attendee.
Who are the faculty?
 The faculty members are carefully selected by the Institute for their teaching abilities. They are drawn from all areas of the member districts and occasionally from outside the member districts. Many are present and past R.I. directors, present and past district governors, successful past presidents and those with experience in special areas. Each new faculty member must attend an initial full day training program and various periodic reorientation programs. The results of evaluations help the Institute to improve the course content and instruction.
Why do we need a leadership institute?
Rotary needs a constant influx of leadership as club officers, etc. change every year. It is difficult at the club level to learn enough about the exciting world of Rotary with its 1.2 million members in 200 countries. Furthermore, leadership skills in a voluntary organization are often different from business leadership skills. It is important that club leaders have every opportunity for education because the success or failure of our clubs depends in large part on the quality of their leaders.
Who should be nominated to attend the Institute courses?
The Institute recommends that clubs nominate those Rotarians who appear to have the potential for club leadership, not necessarily as future presidents. They should preferably be at least 3-4 years away from a possible presidency or other key leadership post. They should certainly have a strong interest in Rotary and be ready to be exposed to the larger world of Rotary. The Institute requests each club to nominate one or two Rotarians each year.
What are the costs?
The current course fees vary at each site. The fees include breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and considerable materials given to participants. Course fees also pay for meeting space, audio-visual equipment and promotional costs. The Institute strongly recommends that clubs pay the fees for their participants. The positive networking with other Rotarian leaders and the Service Above Self are a bonus!
Should our club participate?
If your club cares about its future, it will want the best leadership possible. This is an outstanding opportunity for each club to improve the Rotary knowledge of its key people, who will also be exposed to new ideas of leadership. The exchange of ideas with other experienced Rotarians alone makes the courses worthwhile.
What is the Graduate Program?
After completing the three Part basic program, “graduates” are eligible to attend in-depth seminars held at selected locations in conjunction with regular courses. Each seminar runs for at least 2.5 hours in a morning or afternoon session. Registration fees are modest and meals are optional. Seminar topics and registration forms may be found on the RLI NEA website.
What is the Home Division?
The Home Division of the International Rotary Leadership Institute includes the original area where the International RLI was founded in 1992. It now includes 21 districts in the northeastern part of the USA and Bermuda. The International RLI has formed Divisions around the world, which are listed on the International RLI website.
How can Rotarians register and pay for the courses?
You can register online (if you do so, please make sure to complete all information on the form, including your email address), and the RLI Registrar will respond to you via email within 24 hours. The preferred payment method is a major credit card through our secure PayPal processor (you do not need a PayPal account to use this service). You can pay with a personal or Club check, but your payment must be received 10 days prior to the site date.